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Big Play
April 13, 2009
WHO Brittany Lincicome
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April 13, 2009

Big Play

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Brittany Lincicome

210-yard hybrid to four feet for eagle

531-yard, par-5 18th hole at Mission Hills

Final round of the Kraft Nabisco Championship

Like Lincicome, many players thrive with home-cooked swings because they know the perfect swing is not one that looks good but one that works. Lincicome, whose Furyk-esque action loops out going back, then reroutes to the inside, plays with confidence because she knows only one swing. But players with unorthodox actions who try to concoct a perfect swing often falter under the gun because they aren't sure whether their old or new swing will appear.

Go Back at 6 and Come Down at 7

Most people mistakenly believe that for solid impact your club face must contact the center of the ball. In fact, the club face should hit the inner half of the ball. To practice, hit half-shots with an iron while imagining you're standing over a clock. In the takeaway (YELLOW) the club goes back toward six o'clock. As you come down into impact (BLUE), the club should be over seven o'clock.

Bosdosh teaches at The Members Club at Four Streams in Beallsville, Md.