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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
April 27, 2009
The Interview
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April 27, 2009

Just My Type

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CR: I'll tell you what—my dad thought that soccer was the best game ever invented. He played soccer up until he was 50 or so. He really enjoyed the game. Fought all the time, which I think is why he enjoyed it.

DP: How many yellow cards did he get?

CR: Oh, man, he just went straight to red.

DP: There's talk that Derek Jeter is losing his range at shortstop. They said that about you when you moved to third. What advice would you give Jeter?

CR: I relied on the fact that I knew where the ball was going to be hit, and I positioned myself accordingly. I had to be perfect with that. I could only go two or three steps to my left or right. Ozzie Smith had the ability to play every hitter straight up and still catch everything. I couldn't do that. Now, Derek has always relied on his physical side, similar to Ozzie. Maybe he needs to really start to focus on positioning.

DP: I was looking at your IMDB bio. You were a consultant on The Fan, the Wesley Snipes--Robert De Niro movie. Did you have contact with De Niro?

CR: I did. I had lunch with him for about three hours in Beverly Hills.

DP: Who's more intimidating: De Niro or Nolan Ryan on the mound?

CR: Nolan Ryan.

DP: What did you ask De Niro?

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