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Dan Patrick
May 18, 2009
The Interview
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May 18, 2009

Just My Type

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The Interview

Isiah Thomas

The former Pistons guard and Pacers coach was let go as Knicks coach and president in 2008. He is the new coach at Florida International.

Dan Patrick: What made Chuck Daly a good coach?

Isiah Thomas: He had great patience. When he came to [the Pistons] we were young, and a lot of the personalities hadn't developed yet. Rodman wasn't Rodman, Laimbeer wasn't Laimbeer. He let us grow. He let us make mistakes.

DP: He looked like a businessman, but you guys had a rough style. That's some contrast.

IT: He's very fiery inside. And there wasn't any other way we could have won. He wanted us to be a tough defensive team. If you remember, we led the league in scoring at one point. We scored the most points in history [for one game], against Denver. And he brought us from a great offensive team to a great defensive team, a total transformation. That speaks volumes for his patience.

DP: Why did you take the job at Florida International?

IT: I love basketball. It really is that simple. I love being around the game, I love teaching the game.

DP: How surprised were you when they called you?

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