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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
May 25, 2009
The Interview
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May 25, 2009

Just My Type

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LJ: That's nice. Straight business, I like that. I'm going to put that in my pregame rituals book.

DP: Which would mean more: making a game-winning shot or dishing off for a game-winning shot?

LJ: Passing to a teammate and him hitting the game-winner. That means I've drawn the defense or drawn a double team and gotten a guy open. And to see a teammate succeed is the ultimate for me.

DP: When you were a kid out shooting jumpers, game on the line, clock ticking down—who were you?

LJ: I was Michael Jordan.

DP: We recently had the 20th anniversary of Jordan hitting the jumper over Craig Ehlo [to win a playoff series against the Cavs]. You were four at the time—do you remember it?

LJ: No, not at all. I had my little tyke's hoop. I was hitting jumpers over everything in the living room. I think what Jordan did to Craig Ehlo was dead wrong. For him to go up and act like he was going to take the jumper, and then wait for Craig Ehlo to [fly by] and then shoot it, I think that was dead wrong. Ehlo was a good player.

DP: Have you ever felt sorry for a defender?

LJ: I've felt a little bit sorry, but my competitive nature takes over that.

DP: Finish this sentence: If we win the NBA title ...

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