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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
May 25, 2009
The Interview
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May 25, 2009

Just My Type

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LJ: It would be the biggest accomplishment in my career. It would be one of the greatest achievements in Cleveland history. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

DP: If we don't win the NBA championship ...

LJ: It's more room for improvement.

DP: Build your Dream Team for me. Who's with you?

LJ: I'm going to take Magic Johnson at the 1, Michael Jordan at the 2, myself at the 3, Kevin Garnett at the 4. At the 5 ... Shaquille O'Neal.

DP: Why did you hesitate?

LJ: Because I like Kareem too. But Shaq is more intimidating. If I got into a fight, I know Shaq would be right there to help.

DP: Why not Kobe?

LJ: Over Jordan? I love Kobe Bryant, but this is my dream. Michael Jordan is the guy I grew up watching. I even wanted to put Oscar Robertson in there before Jordan, but my dream just couldn't let me do that.

DP: You know this question's coming: Would winning a title make it easier to leave Cleveland or harder to leave Cleveland?

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