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June 01, 2009
The cover shot of jockey Calvin Borel with his trademark ear-to-ear grin is a classic. I was one of the 153,563 at the Kentucky Derby, and you have ensured that it was two minutes I'll never forget. Matt Murphy, Minneapolis
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June 01, 2009


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On May 5, 1965, future Hall of Famers Jim Bunning of the Phillies and Warren Spahn of the Mets faced each other at Shea Stadium. Both pitched four-hitters, but the Phils won the game, 1--0, on Bunning's home run.
John Dimond, Kingston, Pa.

Capitol Folly

Rep. Joe Barton thinks Congress can offer an alternative to the BCS system (SCORECARD, May 11). For that, he has put himself in the running for the National BS Championship. My guess is that it will be one heck of a playoff.
Blair D. Tarr, Topeka, Kans.

Whether you are in favor of or against a college football playoff, is this an area of our lives that Congress should be dealing with? What's next? Will Congress pass a law requiring the return of the red, white and blue ABA ball because it would be more patriotic?
Robert A. Gleaner, Delran, N.J.

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