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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
June 15, 2009
The Interview
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June 15, 2009

Just My Type

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Mixing It Up
What Cardinals QB Matt Leinart is doing to toughen up (MMA training) is almost as interesting as whom he's doing it with: NFL on Fox analyst Jay Glazer. In addition to calling MMA fights, Glazer has fought in two pro bouts himself—going 1--1. And how is Leinart doing? "It helps me build this attitude that nothing can stop you," Leinart told me. "I'm addicted to it."

Next Level
Eight-time NL batting camp Tony Gwynn, who has coached likely MLB top pick Stephen Strasburg (page 56) at San Diego State for three years, hopes that whichever team takes him will have realistic short-term expectations. "He's a college pitcher," Gwynn told me. "I'm sure in major league clubhouses, when they see his stuff, guys will [shrug and] go, Eh. In college clubhouses it's a little different, because [Strasburg's] velocity kind of scares them."

Line of the week
Perennial supplier of the Line of the Week and unapologetic broadcaster Charles Barkley on being criticized for swearing during a TNT broadcast: "If me saying b.s. on television after midnight is going to push your little damn brat over the deep end, you're just a crappy parent."

THE FINE PRINT: Phil Jackson is confident about winning a record 10th NBA championship. He called the Dalai Lama and asked for his ring size.

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