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Dan Patrick
August 10, 2009
The Interview
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August 10, 2009

Just My Type

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The Interview

Joe Montana

The Hall of Famer will watch his son Nate play QB for Pasadena City College after transferring from Notre Dame for this season

Dan Patrick: I don't know if you saw the clip, but we were just talking about Tiger Woods's caddie breaking wind daring the Buick Open. I'm sure there have been incidents like that in football?

Joe Montana: Unfortunately there are a lot of incidents. We had a line coach [with the 49ers], Bobb McKittrick. He would have a can of Lysol and draw [on the board] with one hand and spray with the other—but not miss a beat.

DP: You're allowed to because you're the quarterback. But if it's a rookie, then it's frowned on in the huddle, right?

JM: Oh, no. It's a common occurrence, unfortunately. And when you put your hand under the center, he thinks it's funny [to break wind] on occasion. The way to get him back: A flick of your finger, and he has a hard time breathing for a while.

DP: What's it like to be a rookie QB in training camp, like Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez?

JM: You probably make more mistakes by trying not to make mistakes. That happened to me where I was drafted [in the third round in '79], so I imagine that's got to be magnified [for first-round picks].

DP: What did you make your rookie year with the Niners?

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