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August 10, 2009
Let all of my friends make fun of me, but Where Are They Now? is my favorite issue year in and year out. (Sorry, Swimsuit Issue!) Tim Shaw, Stamford, Conn.
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August 10, 2009


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Your player poll asks whether home field advantage for the World Series should be determined by which team wins the All-Star Game or which team has the best regular-season record (SCORECARD, July 13-20). Why doesn't major league baseball simply award home field to whichever league has more interleague wins that year? Probably because it would be the most accurate indicator of which league is better, and thus it makes too much sense.
Dan Cantwell, Albany, N.Y.

The Vick Dilemma

I find disturbing Alan Dershowitz's claim that if the NFL banned Michael Vick from playing (What's Next for Michael Vick?, July 13--20), it would be "denying the right to an occupation." The NFL is not preventing a team in the CFL or another league from signing him. I'm going to show up at Augusta National next spring with my golf clubs and try to use the "denying my right to an occupation" argument when they don't let me enter the Masters.
Lance Gosselin
Whitehall, Mich.

Jane Velez-Mitchell says that she doesn't know whether she would be able to "sashay back into her job" after having committed a serious crime because there's both a legal penalty and a societal penalty. Vick has served the legal penalty, and he'll be paying the societal penalty for the rest of his life. That should not preclude his right to make a living.
Darryl K. Stapleton
Darlington, S.C.

The day Michael Vick returns to the NFL is the day I turn off the TV and take my dog for a walk!
John Kidd, Richland, Pa.

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