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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
August 17, 2009
The Interview
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August 17, 2009

Just My Type

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BU: You should use a pen.

National Dilemma

After Prince Fielder's tirade last week against Dodgers reliever Guillermo Mota, who threw at the Brewers' slugger (above) in retaliation for L.A.'s Manny Ramirez and Juan Pierre being hit earlier in the game, MLB Network analyst Al Leiter said it takes some serious guts for National League pitchers to protect a teammate. "There's definitely a fear factor if you know you've got to stand in the [batter's] box," said Leiter, a lefthander who pitched in the AL and NL during his 19-year career. "If I knock you down and walk around with my chest puffed, and I know I have to bat every three innings ... I don't want to take Guillermo Mota's [95-mph fastball] in my back."

Line of the week

Retired NBA executive and Hall of Famer Jerry West talked about the Lakers signing forward Ron Artest, who will replace departed free agent Trevor Ariza: "Will [Artest] fit into what they're doing? Trevor Ariza was a nice fit for them. Ariza's not as talented as Artest, but sometimes talent gets in the way of people being able to play well together."

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THE FINE PRINT: Eli Manning will sign a $97 million extension. But half of that is insurance that he won't do commercials.

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