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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
August 17, 2009
The Interview
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August 17, 2009

Just My Type

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The Interview

Brian Urlacher

Chicago's man in the middle is in camp preparing for his 10th NFL season. He addressed rumors about his relationship with new QB Jay Cutler

Dan Patrick: Are you and Jay Cutler getting along?

Brian Urlacher: I've heard that question about 5,000 times.

DP: Let's get it out of the way. How did this become a story?

BU: Because [Vikings wideout] Bobby Wade said [Urlacher thinks Cutler is a "p----"]. I think he was just trying to get something stirred up, and it obviously worked because our media went crazy. All of a sudden [Cutler and I were supposedly] getting in fights in the locker room and nightclubs. I don't know where all that came from.

DP: Any truth to any of this?

BU: None of it. We've gotten along since Day One.

DP: Now are you circling the date when you face the Vikings and Bobby Wade?

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