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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
October 05, 2009
The Interview
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October 05, 2009

Just My Type

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RL: I like what [Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon] is doing down there. And Jacory Harris—that young quarterback reminds me a lot of Randall Cunningham with his sleek build and the way he's slinging that ball.

DP: You get more excited talking about your old school than you do the Ravens, do you know that?

RL: When you talk about the Ravens, that's straight business. That's what I can control. With Miami, now I get to sit back and watch everything they're doing.

DP: You're 34. If you win the Super Bowl, would you think about retiring?

RL: I don't know. That's too far away. If I thought about that right now, I'd be cheating everything I prepare for.


Los Angeles forward Landon Donovan (above) said what sets teammate David Beckham apart is the same thing that makes Peyton Manning such a good quarterback: vision and skill. "Peyton sees things that other quarterbacks don't see," Donovan said. "David does that. And then having the ability to put [the ball] where you want to, that's the other half of the equation. To have one of [those traits] is pretty good. To have both is what makes David so talented."

Lightning Rod

First-year Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin told me that his headline-grabbing antics are part of a master plan to take the heat off his young Vols. It worked in his conference debut at the Swamp in Gainesville, which Florida won 23--13. "All of the negative attention was on me," Kiffin said. "The best part about it was that you come out of the tunnel for warmups and you've got 90,000 people screaming at me. Nobody paid any attention to [the players]."

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