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Lee Jenkins
October 26, 2009
IF KREIGH and Aubrie Warkentien were listing their favorite NBA players, Nuggets shooting guard J.R. Smith would be at the top—which matters because Kreigh's and Aubrie's father happens to be Mark Warkentien, Denver's vice president of basketball operations and the reigning Executive of the Year. "I like to evaluate people on how they interact with my kids," Warkentien said. "At my house, there's no one more popular than J.R. They adore the guy. Put him around your family and he's not good. He's perfect."
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October 26, 2009

6 Denver Nuggets

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Free throws made by the 2008--09 Nuggets—the same number they made in the previous season. In '07--08 that total led the league; last season Denver ranked second, by two, to the Warriors.


Some teams say if you open up hard defensively on Carmelo Anthony and he gets off to a bad start, he'll press and worry about his numbers at the expense of other things. But he seems to understand more and more that it's an 82-game season and that he'll have big nights and lesser nights. His strength remains his ability to get to the line—it's just so easy for him.... Nenê was almost as effective rolling to the basket as Amar'e Stoudemire—catching it and finishing it every time. You can't just post him up and toss him the ball and watch him operate, but he's very active diving to the basket and finishing on his teammates' penetrations.... The most promising new bench player will be rookie point guard Ty Lawson, who has more potential to make more things happen than they're currently getting from Anthony Carter ....They can switch at almost every position if they need to. That's the way George Karl had it in Seattle when they were disrupting and taking you out of what you do.... They had a great year and everything worked out perfectly for them. But can you do that every year? My answer would be no.

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