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October 26, 2009
Hockey needs to get back to its roots by contracting the league and moving teams to Canada and the Northeast. Original Six fans and fans in the East stay true to their teams. In places like Carolina, Tampa, Phoenix, Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Jose, the fans are front-runners. Enough with the phony warm-weather cities; they don't deserve teams.
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October 26, 2009


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Denny Krause


Albert Chen wrote, "Yes, Cincinnati ... is the beast of the Big East and perhaps the best team in the state of Ohio. (That includes you, Buckeyes.)" Well, Cincinnati is not, has not and never will be the best team in the state of Ohio as long as Jim Tressel is the coach at Ohio State. He is one of the best recruiters in college football and gets the best of the best from talent-rich Ohio. If [Bearcats quarterback] Tony Pike is as good as everyone seems to think, he would be playing for the Buckeyes, and under Tressel he sure wouldn't have ridden the pine for three years.

Pamela Mason

Lawrenceville, N.J.

Not-So-Special K's

If Joe Posnanski believes that striking out a lot doesn't matter if you hit home runs like Mark Reynolds (SCORECARD, Oct. 5), I have only one thing to say: Dave Kingman belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Steve Richardson

Sierra Vista, Ariz.

Lauding the strikeout-prone Reynolds for his .400-plus average when hitting fair balls is a little like evaluating a drunken surgeon on the basis of his success rate when sober. Reynolds's strikeout rate might have something to do with why his team is in the cellar.

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