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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
November 16, 2009
The Interview
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November 16, 2009

Just My Type

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DP: But are you forced to look into it?

DS: At some point we're going to look into everything. Anything that gets said, we're using as an opportunity to button up whatever remains unbuttoned in the oversight of our officiating program. We did it once before, and we'll do it again.

DP: Is it better for the league to have LeBron stay in Cleveland or play elsewhere?

DS: I believe a system should favor the incumbent team in the re-signing of the player. So we have a system where Cleveland can promise to LeBron a sum of money that no other team can. And that's been embedded in our system since we went to a salary cap. And I think that's the right way to go. Although I don't know if I have unanimous support among our fans for my view.


Wide receivers have had a reputation for being prima donnas since long before Keyshawn Johnson wrote the book Just Give Me the Damn Ball!, but Brandon Marshall of the Broncos told me that attitude simply goes with the territory. "Wide receivers come off as divas, but we're really the only position that can ask for the ball," he said. "The defense can't ask for it. Quarterbacks and running backs already have it. Tight ends are like linemen. We're the only position left."

Bronx Cheer

I asked lifelong Yankees fanatic Bob Costas if he disagreed with White Sox manager and Fox postseason commentator Ozzie Guillen's proclamation during the World Series that Derek Jeter is the greatest Yankee ever. Costas gave me his list of the alltime best Bronx Bombers.

1. Babe Ruth

2. Lou Gehrig

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