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December 07, 2009
Some quarterbacks are labeled as beneficiaries of the system they play in, but that is certainly not the case with Peyton Manning—simply due to the fact that he is the system.
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December 07, 2009


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Freddie Roach

Kudos to Freddie Roach (Freddie Roach Goes the Distance, Nov. 16) for his fortitude, courage and singular focus when it comes to reconciling his struggle with a debilitating disease, Parkinson's, and his gift for training some of the world's greatest fighters. I hope, though, that a man of his depth would not be so tone-deaf as to think paying last respects to his deceased brother had more to do with him than the comfort of his family. One can only imagine the reassurance, strength and confidence his late brother's other relatives and friends would have gained from Freddie's presence that difficult day, just as Freddie's fighters gain from his ringside presence.

Patrick O'Connor, Indianapolis

I had the pleasure of witnessing several of Roach's fights when he was a young pro. His level of passion then was the same as it is now as a trainer. Freddie illustrates the pain that years in the ring can inflict on one's body, but it would be more painful for him to have played it safe and not fought.

Andy McClure, Erie, Colo.

I am a former president of the World Boxing Hall of Fame. I don't know where you found Pablo S. Torre, but his piece on Freddie Roach is the most intelligent and insightful thing written about boxing since the heyday of W.C. Heinz.

William O'Neill, Riverside, Calif.

Right to Have Left

Last year, when I heard about Elena Delle Donne's leaving UConn (POINT AFTER, Nov. 16), I thought about how I'd give anything to have a daughter blessed with her amount of talent, and what a waste this was. Having read your story, I stand corrected. I'd give anything to have a daughter with the amount of heart she's been blessed with. Thank you, Elena, for reminding us that family always comes first.

Nick Reitenour, Blaine, Minn.

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