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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
January 18, 2010
The Interview
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January 18, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: What happened on the 34-yard field goal that Neil Rackers missed at the end of regulation? Did you say anything to him prior to the kick?

KW: No. It was a weird situation because one of our players called timeout with 14 seconds left. We were trying to let it run down to seven seconds. Neil wasn't prepared for that, so he was a little out of sorts and had to come running on the field. But no, nothing was said. I know he was prepared, he knew the potential kick was coming. But you've gotta make that kick.

DP: Do you treat him differently than you do another player who makes a mistake at that point in the game?

KW: You have to. He's isolated. He's not with 10 other guys on a particular play. It's all about his execution. It is different.

DP: Finish this sentence: When we lost the overtime coin toss....

KW: It was disconcerting. But I had a feeling our defense was going to make a play. Don't ask me why.

DP: Green Bay almost won it in OT, but Aaron Rodgers missed a wide open Greg Jennings. How long did that ball seem to hang in the air?

KW: Way too long. It was very, very scary.

DP: Were you praying?

KW: Your knee-jerk reaction is, Drop it! Drop it! or Get over him! Fortunately, that prayer was answered.

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