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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
January 18, 2010
The Interview
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January 18, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: Finish this: We will beat the Saints if....

KW: We can stop them, a little bit [laughs]. We'll beat the Saints if we can maintain the intensity we had in the game last week and clean up some of our mistakes.

DP: Are you more concerned about the Saints' offense or defense?

KW: I'm certainly concerned about the Saints' offense because of what they did this season. The one area that concerns me [with the Saints' defense] is their ability to score touchdowns. So I think it's going to come down to us not turning the ball over. That was the big key in last week's game against Green Bay. Green Bay was a team that didn't turn the ball over [during the season], and they turned the ball over more than we did [three times to once]. And that's why we won the game.

DP: How do you deal with the Kurt Warner retirement rumors that have started to spring up?

KW: I'm fully aware that Kurt will take time once the season is over. He did it last year, he'll do it this year. But also Kurt is playing well. He's excited about our team.

DP: Do you think he's done no matter what happens in the playoffs?

KW: I couldn't even tell you. That's not something we've even talked about or discussed.

DP: What if he says, "Help me make this decision"?

KW: I say, "It's easy. You're staying."

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