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February 01, 2010
What's so amazing about the NFL is how quickly the stars come and go. Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Andre Johnson and Chad Ochocinco were the featured receivers in SI's 2009 season preview, but in the playoff preview (The Game Changers, Jan. 11) a new set—Miles Austin, Robert Meachem and Sidney Rice—was touted as game changers.
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February 01, 2010


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Fort Wright, Ky.

I pity the fans of programs that sign NBA-bound superstars such as John Wall and Derrick Rose for one year. At Wisconsin we've had the pleasure of watching point guard Trevon Hughes mature from promising freshman to senior star.

Henry Godbout

Gills Rock, Wis.

The Great Debate

It sounds as if Bill Hancock is as smart as he is nice. The BCS playoff system (SCORECARD, Jan. 11) may not be perfect, but it beats every alternative. At the end of a long season, college football has figured out how to get what most people consider the two best teams to play for the national championship. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

David Andrukonis

Arlington, Va.

The bowl system can't be changed because of tradition? No one seems to be lamenting the demise of leather helmets, single platoons, tees for kicking field goals, tearaway jerseys and whites-only SEC teams.

Don Saak, Bountiful, Utah

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