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Michael Bamberger
February 08, 2010
Is Phil playing fair? When will Tiger return? How's Golf Channel doing? What will happen by 2020?
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February 08, 2010

Pga Tour Confidential

Is Phil playing fair? When will Tiger return? How's Golf Channel doing? What will happen by 2020?

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Van Sickle: The knee-jerk reaction is that using square grooves when square grooves are banned is dirty pool. Upon further review, don't take it out on Mickelson. Blame the USGA and the PGA Tour for agreeing to this obvious inequity and that ill-advised settlement because they didn't have the guts to fight Karsten's lawsuit to a conclusion some 20 years ago.

Bamberger: It must kill Phil that Daly got to this before he did—but you can be sure that Phil thought of it first. You know that because in his spare time Phil figured out how to make the moon habitable. Using the old Pings does violate the spirit of the rule, and the fact that Phil doesn't care tells you that he's even more of an iconoclast than we knew. For some reason it seemed desperate when Daly did it, but when Phil did it—hypocrisy alert!—suddenly it seemed retro and cool and outlawish.

Garrity: I would just add that, as a rule, it's a mistake to follow John Daly's example in practically anything.

The Wait of The World

Van Sickle: Never mind where he's been or what he's done—might Tiger Woods actually miss the Masters?

Garrity: I think he will, and I think he should. For p.r. purposes, if nothing else, Tiger needs to show he has served some kind of penance. I'd be very surprised, though, if he let Pebble Beach and St. Andrews go by. He has to miss a major to indicate that this is a big deal. If he simply misses some events he doesn't give a damn about anyway, it doesn't show anything.

Van Sickle: If he's getting divorced, why does he need penance?

Garrity: Fine, if he's divorced and announces, I'm a single man and on the make again. But if he's going to rebuild his image with corporate America, he needs to do some penance.

Anonymous Pro: I don't think he's going to miss the Masters. I think something happened to him where he doesn't want to be seen publicly, whether it's due to surgery or missing some teeth. There was a reason beyond simple embarrassment that he disappeared.

Dusek: As long as Tiger is in limbo, not knowing whether he's still married, he can't come back. If he and Elin try to make their marriage work, it's not all going to be hunky-dory by early April. If she walks away, that frees him up, and then he may play the Masters.

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