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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
February 22, 2010
The Interview
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February 22, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: Could you beat up Jimmy Clausen?

SB: [Laughs.] No comment.

DP: It's a question you could get asked. Now, you played basketball in high school. Were you good enough to play in college?

SB: I think so.

DP: Where? Oklahoma?

SB: If I'd have put all my efforts into basketball, possibly.

DP: And you played with Blake Griffin?

SB: I did. That was AAU ball.

DP: What's the difference between you and Blake Griffin?

SB: Besides size? I think I'm more athletic than Blake Griffin. [Laughs.] No, he's a tremendous player. He loves to dunk. I probably saw more highlights in AAU than on [an episode of] SportsCenter.

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