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Dan Patrick
March 01, 2010
The Interview
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March 01, 2010

Just My Type

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The Interview


The Suns' point guard, who grew up in Victoria, B.C., took part in the flame-lighting ceremony at the Vancouver Olympics, then went back to lighting up the NBA

Dan Patrick: How nervous were you at the Olympics during the opening ceremonies?

Steve Nash: It was the greatest experience of my career, to represent my country in that moment on home soil. To feel the pride of all the Canadians, having been in [Vancouver] for a day and a half, it was the greatest moment I've ever experienced. So I had a lot of nerves, a lot of pride, a lot of excitement, a lot of connectivity to my fellow countrymen and women. It was spectacular.

DP: But the goal is to not to get burned by the torch, right?

SN: We had fireproof long johns on.

DP: Your outfit was flame retardant?

SN: Underneath, the sexy stuff. That was flame retardant.

DP: Yeah, but your hair was out there in the open.

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