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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
March 08, 2010
The Interview
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March 08, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: When do you break out the tiara?

JM: The tiara comes out when I feel like having some fun. It's fun being on the podium, and I wear my tiara on my helmet every day when I race. I actually bedazzled my helmet with a tiara.

DP: Why weren't you in the SI Swimsuit Issue?

JM: They didn't ask me. I was stoked to see those girls [skiers Lacy Schnoor and Lindsey Vonn and snowboarders Clair Bidez and Hannah Teter] posing. It was awesome. I always get the Swimsuit Issue. It's fun to see the painted-on bikinis and see the styles and where they're shooting. Definitely it's something that would be cool to be in.

DP: Would you want the painted-on suit or the real thing?

JM: Me and my sister have done painted bikinis for each other. I'm down with the top. I don't know about the full thing.

DP: Much was made about tension between you and Lindsey Vonn. How much of that was fact, and how much was fiction?

JM: The whole thing is a lot of fiction as far as it coming between our race programs. We have a very professional relationship with each other, and it's never gotten in the way of our performance on the hill.

DP: You won gold in the giant slalom in 2006, but Lindsey seemed to get all the attention heading into the Olympics. Did you ever think, What about me?

JM: Definitely I feel like going into these Olympics, I should have been given a little more credit for my performance in Torino. Winning a gold medal, there was an accomplishment that I was very proud of. That it slipped through the cracks was disappointing. But Lindsey's been skiing phenomenally the past two years, so for her coming into these Olympics there were a lot of expectations and hopes for medals. For me, I was coming back from injury. I had that gold medal, but I hadn't been on the podium in two years.

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