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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
March 22, 2010
The Interview
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March 22, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: If no one gave you money, then why did he get fired?

OM: I don't know. There was a lot going on that I didn't know about. I guess you can call [USC AD] Mike Garrett and ask him. I really didn't understand it. I talked to [Floyd, now a Hornets assistant] when we played in New Orleans last week, and he said it was a big mess and he's moved on.

DP: Did he pay you?

OM: No, sir. I almost want to say I wish he did. But no, sir. I stayed in Troy Hall and rode a bicycle. Probably more than anything, I think I had the wrong type of people around me. Maybe they had some things going on that I didn't know about.

DP: You could have somebody representing you who may have taken money that was supposed to go to you, but they ended up keeping it. Do you think that's what happened here?

OM: Probably so. I don't really want to throw [anyone] under the bus, because I don't know what happened. But more than likely, that's what could have happened.

DP: It has to bother you when people say O.J. Mayo took money to play at USC.

OM: If you've ever been on that campus, if you've ever seen the basketball facility—why wouldn't you want to go there? It's got the best babes in the world. Sunny weather. Academically it's great there. It was just a big mess after I entered the NBA. I can't let it bring me down. I've just got to try to get better as a ballplayer and more mature as a person.

Stepping Up

Reggie Miller doesn't believe that Kentucky point guard John Wall is as clear-cut a top pick as everyone else apparently does. The TNT analyst told me, "I like the kid from Ohio State better, [swingman] Evan Turner." Miller mentioned the transition that point guards have to make in the NBA: "I know [Chicago's] Derrick Rose was Rookie of the Year, and he did it," Miller said. "John Wall may very well do the same thing. [But] a lot goes into being a top-flight NBA point guard."

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