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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
April 05, 2010
The Interview
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April 05, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: Anybody else?

PJ: We're impressed with Dallas. They're still coming together as a team; they haven't gotten everything figured out yet. And with [Kenyon] Martin back on the floor, Denver has got a real potent eight-man group. They're a highly volatile team—they can run off a lot of points quickly, and they can also fall into malaise, too, at times.

DP: When will you decide if you're coming back next season?

PJ: The end of the year, obviously. The success or failure of the team is related to that.

DP: So if you're in the Finals, you're more than likely returning?

PJ: There's a good chance of it.

DP: And if you don't make the Finals....

PJ: I'd have to think long and hard about it, because I think we only have five guys coming back off this roster.

DP: Have you given thought to going out on top and retiring as a champion?

PJ: I hold that option. That's for sure.

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