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Dan Patrick
April 05, 2010
The Interview
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April 05, 2010

Just My Type

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The Interview

Phil Jackson


The Hall of Famer, who has won 10 championship rings as a coach, is sitting atop the Western Conference standings with a 54--19 record

Dan Patrick: Did you fill out an NCAA bracket this year?

Phil Jackson: No, I did not. I don't know enough about college basketball to fill out a bracket, and I feel kind of out of the curve as far as these young players. But I've enjoyed the tournament.

DP: When you watch college basketball, are you paying attention to the coaching or is it just entertainment?

PJ: You can't help it. Even if I watch football, I'm into the coaching aspect.

DP: Is it tougher to coach someone who's 18 or someone who's 22?

PJ: Well, we always say that once habits are established, it takes a lot of work to get rid of the bad habits. I don't know if kids have bad habits at 18. I know they do at 22. We get a lot of kids who we have to reteach how to pass the ball.

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