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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
April 26, 2010
The Interview
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April 26, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: How concerned are you that you've invited a guy who's going to slide way down the draft this year, like Aaron Rogers and Brady Quinn?

RG: When they come in here the day before the draft, they always ask me, "Is there anything you can advise us on?" And I say, "Yes, one of you will go last. And when you're sitting back in that draft room, you will think that it's 10 years of your life. It's not. You're still a high draft choice."

DP: Clear up something if you can. Some coaches said that they went out to play golf at the owners' meetings in March, and while they were out, the vote to change the playoff overtime rules was called. Is that true?

RG: It is true, but we had at least three different sessions that the coaches participated in prior to that. So all of their input was considered when we took the vote. But ownership felt strongly that this was good for the game and good for our fans. It was the Number 1 issue that fans had raised with me.

DP: Why not change the rule [which guarantees the team losing the coin toss will get the ball if the first possession ends in a field goal] in the regular season as well?

RG: The focus was on making sure we had overtime procedures for the one game, win-or-you're-out. The clubs felt that that was appropriate. We are looking to see if we should put it in for the regular season, and we'll probably reconsider it as early as the May [owners'] meetings.

DP: Do you have veto power?

RG: I do not have veto power.

DP: Where do we stand on expanding the season?

RG: We're not expanding the season. We have a 20-game season: 16 regular season and four preseason. What we've been talking about doing is flipping two of those preseason games and making them regular-season games. So we'd stay within our 20-game format, but we'd improve the quality of what we're doing.

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