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From Bubba to Brett?
Connell Barrett
May 31, 2010
Dennis Quaid's sports dream role? A Viking saga
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May 31, 2010

From Bubba To Brett?

Dennis Quaid's sports dream role? A Viking saga

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With seven sports movies on his résumé, Dennis Quaid, 56, has convincingly biked (Breaking Away), boxed (Tough Enough), quarterbacked (Any Given Sunday), pitched (The Rookie) and ridden the waves (the upcoming Soul Surfer). Even playing Bill Clinton in HBO's The Special Relationship (premiere: May 29, 9 p.m. ET), Quaid shows off his four-handicap golf game.

A Bridge to Favre?

"I'd love to play Brett Favre. He has that fire in his belly. Why should he retire? He can still perform. I love Brett because I don't want to retire either."

Play Bill

"I played with President Clinton. Sure, he took a few Billigans, but he gave them too. I had a five-foot par putt on the 1st hole, and he says, 'That's good. Presidential pardon.'"

The Meaning Of Golf

"Golf's a sanctuary. The stresses of daily life fall away—replaced by different stresses [laughs]: Why am I flipping the club? Why am I coming so far inside?"

If It Ain't Broke....

On Dragon-Heart I got thrown from a horse, and the first thing I did was hop up and ... [stands, rehearses backswing]. 'Phew! I can play tomorrow!'"