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June 07, 2010
It's nice to see Shaq grow up and still be himself at the same time. I've never liked him as a player because he didn't play for my team (the Pistons), but I couldn't help but be impressed with his honesty and humility. Too many athletes do not age gracefully.
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June 07, 2010


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Perfect Day

Like anyone who follows baseball, I already knew about Dallas Braden's perfect game (Happy Mother's Day, May 17). But thanks to Tom Verducci, I learned how Braden got to where he is today and why Mother's Day is so special to him. I wish Braden luck and thank his grandmother for giving him the home and love that he needed.

Rich Glass, Voorhees, N.J.

What's in an Athlete?

As a reproductive endocrinologist with an interest in preimplantation genetics, I found David Epstein's story worthy of a medical journal (Sports Genes, May 17). It was deep enough to satisfy health care professionals and written with enough clarity for lay people. He beautifully demonstrated the complexity of the nature-versus-nurture issue and how our understanding has a ways to go.

Edward L. Marut, Winnetka, Ill.

I am a ninth-grade biology student and an athlete, and I found the article fascinating. I am concerned, however, with the ways in which future athletes will most certainly take advantage of genetic therapy to enhance their performance. These athletes not only will be misusing this technology, which is intended to cure diseases, but also will be creating an athletic world in which only the wealthy will be privileged enough to compete at the highest level.

Teva Brender

Monte Sereno, Calif.

Tragedy at UVA

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