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June 28, 2010
It's amazing how agent Scott Boras has a once-every-50-years client in the draft ... every year. If players such as Bryce Harper (Wave of the Future, June 7) are really that good, they don't need an eight-figure contract coming out of the draft. The money will be there once they've accomplished something.
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June 28, 2010


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I thought I was the only catcher to experience the yips throwing the ball back to the pitcher until I read Phil Taylor's column on Jarrod Saltalamacchia of the Rangers (POINT AFTER, June 7). One time I threw so badly that the ball bounced in front of the pitcher and knocked the bill of his cap straight up, much to the laughter of the infield. I was especially wild when runners were on base, particularly third. Although nobody ever scored on one of my bad throws, I never did get over the yips. Thank you, Phil, for alleviating the pain and embarrassment I've lived with all these years.

Daniel S. Brandenburg

Marion, Wis.

My heart goes out to Saltalamacchia. I'm sure many people with good intentions have ideas on how to fix his problem, but Saltalamacchia has to figure it out for himself. In my case I could throw lasers to all the bases—but not back to the pitcher. I relished when there were men on base because it meant I had a good excuse to throw ahead of or behind a runner. Salty will sort it out and he'll be back with the big club before long. I know I will be rooting for him!

John Nicodemo, Bethlehem, Pa.

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