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July 05, 2010
NBA Draft Pick Edition
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July 05, 2010

The Pop Culture Grid

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Athletes in the mix My July 4 plans Toy Story 3 or Harry Potter? First postdraft purchase? I can't stop listening to ... Against Stephen Strasburg, I'd ...
PATRICK PATTERSON Rockets PF Light fireworks and enjoy basketball Hands down, TS3.... I'm a big Buzz Lightyear fan An RV for my dad Over, by Drake Hit a home run
ED DAVIS Raptors PF I have no clue! Toy Story 3 House, condo and a car in my new city Any Jay-Z song Probably hit a home run
GORDON HAYWARD Jazz SF Hang with family and the girl Already saw TS3, but love Harry Probably a car. I've never had one Eminem's No Love with L'il Wayne Close my eyes and swing for the fences
AL-FAROUQ AMINU Clippers PF Never do anything big for it Toy Story 3 A 3-D TV Soulja Boy's Pretty Boy Swag Who's that?

NBA Draft Pick Edition

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Toy Story 3 1 0 0
Harry Potter 5 0 0
Stephen Strasburg 33 0 1
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