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June 18, 2010
WHEN it comes to the most pressing questions in the fantasy world for 2010, SI's pro football aficionados have all the answers
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June 18, 2010


WHEN it comes to the most pressing questions in the fantasy world for 2010, SI's pro football aficionados have all the answers

Which player will be the 2010 fantasy MVP?

Who is your top sleeper for the season?

Who do you think will be the biggest fantasy bust?

Who will be the best rookie besides Ryan Mathews?

Which player is the biggest injury risk?

Who'll have the biggest season with a new team?

Who'll benefit from a scheme change?

Which former fantasy stud will have a great year?

Which team has the fewest draftable players?

Brett Favre will...

What is your boldest fantasy prediction?

Damon HACK SI Senior Writer

Andre Johnson. The NFL's best receiver is the complete package. Draft him and go win your fantasy championship.

Chad Henne. Even in Miami's Wildcat-heavy offense he'll top 3,500 passing yards.

Ben Roethlisberger. His suspension, as well as a loss of fan support, will take a statistical toll on the Pittsburgh QB.

Dallas receiver Dez Bryant is in the perfect situation with a young, explosive offense.

Baltimore's Anquan Boldin is tough, but he has an injury history and is now in the highly physical AFC North.

Donovan McNabb in Washington. He knows the NFC East, and he'll work with Mike Shanahan.

Wasn't Jay Cutler a Pro Bowl QB a minute ago? Offensive whiz Mike Martz will lift Cutler's game in Chicago.

New scenery, and the Jets' bulldozing offensive line, will revive running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

The Oakland Raiders. They might have the fewest even if they were demoted to college fantasy football.

...lead the Vikings on another magic ride that will fall a game shy of the Super Bowl.

The Colts' Peyton Manning, always motivated, will break Dan Marino's record of 5,084 passing yards in a season.

Lee JENKINS SI Senior Writer

After breaking in receivers Austin Collie and Pierre Garçon last year, Peyton Manning will reap the rewards in Indy.

Malcom Floyd. With Vincent Jackson likely suspended, Floyd will emerge as a big-time receiver for the Chargers.

Don't expect the Vikings' Sidney Rice to again reach 1,300 receiving yards.

Lions back Jahvid Best. He'll benefit from Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson spreading the field.

Washington's Clinton Portis, who at 28 cannot afford to sustain another concussion.

The Dolphins needed someone to catch the ball in the red zone, and Brandon Marshall will prove he's one of the best.

Jay Cutler will still throw interceptions, but under Mike Martz he should pile up yards and touchdowns.

LaDainian Tomlinson won't give you a ton of yard production anymore, but he still has a nose for the end zone.

Outside of tight end Kellen Winslow (right) there's not much offense in Tampa Bay.

...need to weigh the Vikings' deteriorating offensive line as he prepares for another year of pounding.

Matt Leinart, with a lot of help from Larry Fitzgerald, will be a top 10 quarterback in this, his first full season.

Tim LAYDEN SI Senior Writer

Ray Rice. The Ravens run, and Rice improves each game. Watch for 300 carries and 15 TDs.

Felix Jones. He'll get the ball more (now that he's healthy), and he's explosive when he gets it.

Patriots receiver Randy Moss could see double coverage on every play--a real stat killer.

Dez Bryant. He has a great chance to step in as a Week 1 starter and put up big numbers.

Peyton Manning may be overdue to take a big shot and miss time. Pass rushers are getting faster; Manning's getting no younger.

Donovan McNabb, who will be staying in the same offensive system he has thrived in.

Washington's Santana Moss. Under Mike Shanahan, he'll run shallow crosses and get yards after the catch.

LaDainian Tomlinson. However much tread he has left on his tires, Rex Ryan will use him to score TDs.

Seattle. How long before anybody picks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh (left)?

...see his numbers dip from a year ago. They have to. Nobody keeps that up at age 41. Ol' Brett could get old fast.

Brandon Marshall will be a fantasy nonfactor. Miami wants to run, and Marshall was landed to stretch defenses.

Jim TROTTER SI Senior Writer

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, who has gotten better each season and could start calling plays at the line.

Arizona receiver Steve Breaston, who had more than 1,000 yards two years ago as a backup and will be a big-play threat.

Donovan McNabb, who'll suffer on a Redskins team that doesn't have the offensive line that McNabb had in Philly.

Dez Bryant. To hear the Cowboys talk about the former Oklahoma State star, you'd think he's their best receiver, period.

Ryan Mathews. Durability was an issue at Fresno State, and Chargers coach Norv Turner plans to make him a workhorse.

Brandon Marshall. Miami's commitment to the run will create downfield opportunities for the former Bronco.

Arizona should rely on its ground game, and Beanie Wells could double the 793 yards and seven TDs he had as a rookie.

Steve Smith. The Panthers wideout had solid numbers down the stretch with Matt Moore at QB; he'll continue that.

The Browns, who could start Jake Delhomme at quarterback and who lack established playmakers. Brett Favre. He'll have a solid to very good year, helped by Minnesota's many weapons.

The Eagles' Kevin Kolb will have better numbers than Donovan McNabb in Washington.

Mark MRAVIC SI Senior Editor

Minnesota's Adrian Peterson. The NFL's best player will rebound after last year's dip.

Rashard Mendenhall. Ben Roethlisberger's enforced hiatus will put the focus on the run game in Pittsburgh.

I don't expect the Bengals' Cedric Benson to repeat his out-of-nowhere performance of 2009.

The Chiefs' Dexter McCluster, an all-purpose guy who could put up flashy numbers in a lot of ways.

Donovan McNabb is carrying a lot of hopes in D.C., but he is always one play from limping off.

Not that he'll put up huge numbers in Oakland, but as the anti-JaMarcus, QB Jason Campbell is worth a mid- to late-round pick.

Watch for Mike Martz to shape Jay Cutler into a safer, more-consistent passer.

In New York, LaDainian Tomlinson could rediscover a little of the magic he had during his Chargers heyday.

After Steven Jackson, the Rams don't have a single player I'd take even as a fourth pick at any position.

...have his consecutive-games-played streak, now at 287, ended.

Whichever team he signs with, Terrell Owens will wind up with 1,000 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns.

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