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August 02, 2010
Finally you have a cover and an article about the fantastic feats of Serena Williams. Thanks for acknowledging her beauty and boldness. She is the embodiment of an athlete who has grown into her fame, and I am proud to have witnessed her extraordinary talents.
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August 02, 2010


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I attended San Diego State while Don Coryell (The Game Changer, July 12) was the football coach, and each Thursday during the season, students could go to a small auditorium on campus where Coryell would spend an hour showing film of the previous week's game and of the next opponent. He always gave high praise to the opposing teams. What we learned from Coach Coryell was the importance of respect. His contributions to football are just a bonus.

Thomas Traver

Richmond, Calif.

Official Discussion

Grant Wahl's notion that an intentional hand ball that prevents a goal should result in an automatic goal is ridiculous (All the World Sees Red, July 12). Would he also recommend that pass interference in the end zone result in an automatic touchdown? Athletes commit these intentional fouls with the hope that the other team will be unable to capitalize. Most often it doesn't work in the favor of the team that committed the penalty. In this case, however, Uruguay's Luis Suárez saved his team from a sure loss. Sports are not only a showcase of strength and endurance but also of mental toughness and the ability to execute under pressure.

Mary Campanell

Mount Ephraim, N.J.

Instead of focusing on the positive ayoba spirit that radiated throughout the tournament, Wahl unfairly criticizes referees for calling the game within the parameters of the rules. There should be changes, but I'll choose to fondly remember Robben's runs, Klose's flips, Villa's finishing and Forlán's lethal kicks.

Kevin Henders, Surrey, B.C.

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