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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
August 30, 2010
The Interview
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August 30, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: Which running back is tougher to tackle: Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson?

RL: Whoo. Both of them are rough. Both of those talents are awesome. They're very different. AP is a bruiser. And Chris Johnson is a cat on two feet. Catching him is the problem.

DP: Which of the two would you rather face?

RL: I'll dance with any one of them.

DP: Who gives you grief during a game?

RL: I'm always going at it with somebody because I'm going to initiate it most of the time. It's the fun of the game. It's that personal. You believe you're going to have success running the ball, and I believe you're not. So I feel I have a couple of words on that topic.

DP: Last time you talked about retirement?

RL: Haven't. I love the game too much. I respect the game too much. To be in one city your whole life. . . . No feeling gets better than when I walk out of that tunnel. If that changed, then you think about [retiring]. But when you're at the top of your game like I am now, you love it.

DP: Who is the best middle linebacker in football?

RL: Some things are better not spoken.

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