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Dan Patrick
September 06, 2010
The Interview
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September 06, 2010

Just My Type

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The Interview


The four-time MVP and spokesman extraordinaire (including for DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket) is entering his 13th season in the NFL

Dan Patrick: Where can you go and not get recognized?

Peyton Manning: It just depends on who's there. Certainly in Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana, I probably get a little more recognized. It's NFL Sunday Ticket's fault more than anything—now everywhere you go, you've got NFL football fans who are keeping up with it and know what you look like. That's part of the deal, but it's not a problem.

DP: When you throw an interception, are you instructed to stay as far away as possible from the person who picked you off?

PM: No. You're supposed to cover. You try to work the sidelines and force the cutback. We used to do a tackling drill in college, but I always thought it was bad karma, kind of a bad [thing] to practice.

DP: Have you avoided more sacks because of your arm or because of your legs?

PM: I'd say a combination, but probably not legs as much as feet. A slide here or there, or a step-up here or there when a defensive end is coming around the end hard, reaching for you. The off-season work has as much to do with [avoiding sacks] as anything because the receivers are so tuned in to getting open on time. I know when they're coming out of their breaks. It's not a test back there of how long you can hold the ball or how long your right or left tackle can hold up [a pass rusher]. The idea is to get the ball out of my hands and into the playmakers' hands.

DP: Eli got stitches recently. What's the most number of stitches you inflicted upon him as a kid?

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