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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
September 13, 2010
The Interview
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September 13, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: What's left on the to-do list as commissioner?

BS: Number 1, I want to keep us moving in the right direction. We've had labor peace for 16 years—or it will be 16 years when [the current CBA expires in 2011]—which nobody ever believed possible, including me. [And there's] the internationalization of the sport. We were a little slow to start; I would accept that as valid criticism. We need to really step it up. We're big in Japan, we're huge in Korea, we've opened an office in China. We're great in Central America, Latin America, we have interests in Europe now. I think the game has enormous potential.

DP: Will we get to a true World Series?

BS: I hope so. That's my dream. The Japanese commissioner and I have had two meetings this year on that subject. There's a lot of road to walk for both of us.

DP: What kind of time frame?

BS: I don't think it will happen while I'm the commissioner—though a lot of people don't believe I'll leave in 2½ years, I have plans to do that.

DP: Do you expect to be called to testify in the Roger Clemens trial?

BS: No. I'm sure not.

DP: What about the Barry Bonds trial?

BS: No. I'm sure not. Look, I'm not a lawyer, but those are cases between those people and the government and really have nothing to do anymore with baseball.

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