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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
September 20, 2010
The Interview
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September 20, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: Are you better than Chris?

AP: Yes.

DP: What does Chris do better than you?

AP: I don't think anything.

DP: He's not faster?

AP: No. Not faster, stronger, anything.

DP: Really?

AP: You've got to understand, that's just the mentality I have. I have ultimate respect for that guy, he's a heck of a player. I remember one point in time me talking on the phone to Chris Johnson and letting him know [that]. He was telling me, "Hey, I'm a big fan of yours." This is when he first got into the league. "I like watching you, I like your style." And some advice I gave him was that I play this game to be the best player ever. That's my mentality.

DP: Did you tell him you were better than he is?

AP: He was listening to the words that were coming out of my mouth [laughs]. I told him, "You need to approach this with the same mentality. If you want to be the best running back, you've got to believe it before you can accomplish that."

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