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September 20, 2010
Even though I'm a Cardinals fan, I admire Joey Votto's approach to the game (All the Right Moves, Aug. 30). I also applaud the rise of the Reds this year. The NL Central has been a poor sister to most of the other divisions for some time. I enjoy the developing rivalry between the Cardinals and the Reds and would love for two playoff teams to come out of the division.
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September 20, 2010


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Scott Daniels, Philadelphia

There will always be natural talents like Tiger, Serena and LeBron, but they are the exception rather than the rule. For SI to devote a nine-page feature to a five-year-old is irresponsible, as it will only serve to motivate some parents to push their kids beyond their capabilities.

Steven Morrison, Renfrew, Ont.

It seems as if Antigua has been knighted the next Chosen One. Will he announce his Decision on which kindergarten he will attend on ESPN for Tots?

Jim Johnston, Avon Lake, Ohio

Is Ariel Antigua Spanish for Sidd Finch?

Bobby Bowman, Lubbock

The Replay Debate

Phil Taylor put into words something I've thought for years: A mistake made by an umpire or a referee is not equivalent to an error made by a player (POINT AFTER, Aug. 30). Only players' mistakes should affect the outcomes of games.

Rob Lewis, Auburn, Wash.

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