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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
September 27, 2010
Jimmie Johnson
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September 27, 2010

Just My Type

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JJ: I beat myself.

DP: That's the only way you can lose?

JJ: We know what to do. We've been there before. There are a lot of strong teams. I find that if I worry about other people, I take my attention away from the job I need to do.

DP: How often are you recognized on the streets of New York?

JJ: Not quite as much as in our hometown of Charlotte. It's a little different. But there are plenty of race fans in the city, which is cool to see each time we come up here.

DP: Do you get second looks when people think you're somebody but aren't sure?

JJ: Yesterday actually I left a media function and we were waiting for the car outside, and two guys stopped and said, 'Man, you look a lot like that race car driver Jimmie Johnson.'

DP: Do you have a fantasy football team?

JJ: I've been a part of it [in the past]. But this year I decided not to.

DP: Why? You busy with something?

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