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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
October 04, 2010
The Interview
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October 04, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: O.K., would you rather have LeBron or Kevin Durant?

DH: Why are putting me on the spot?

DP: This is a full-court press. If you can't take the pressure, how can I expect a championship out of you?

DH: Oh, I can take the pressure. I'm going to go with Kevin.

DP: See, that wasn't that difficult.

DH: It wasn't. I like Kevin. I watched him in high school and had a chance to talk to him in NBA camp before he got drafted.

DP: Can J.J. Redick dunk?

DH: Yes. You know what's crazy? You know how they say white men can't jump? We [were talking about having] a dunk contest with just white players in the NBA, and my pick would be J.J. Redick. 'Cause he actually has hops, he's just got short arms.

DP: Joe Alexander is going to win that thing.

DH: I forgot about him.

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