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October 18, 2010
Like a binary star, the NFL has dual centers of energy: Roger Goodell's league office and DeMaurice Smith's players association. All else—owners, agents, media, fans—revolves around that mutually reactive core. Now, though, the looming labor dispute threatens to tear the system apart, unless the powers that be can harness the force of this friction to bind themselves together even more strongly. Herewith a sky map of the most powerful elements in the universe of pro football.
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October 18, 2010

Spheres Of Influence

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FOX Sports chair has been behind major innovations in NFL broadcasts

Sean McManus, 55

President of CBS News, Sports doesn't wield influence of other network bosses

Steve Bornstein, 58

NFL Network czar and exec VP of NFL media renegotiated deals with CBS, Fox and NBC in 2009, even with lockout looming

Steve Sabol, 68

As president of NFL Films, has had a major hand in league myth-making

Chris Berman, 55

Host of ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown isn't giant of 10 years ago, but everyone takes his calls

Adam Schefter, 43

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