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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
October 25, 2010
The Interview
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October 25, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: What happened at the end of the Tennessee game? You won [16--14], but who are you angry at for the confusion at the end of the game?

LM: Well, the who is always me. If we win, I'm happy. If we lose, certainly I'm unhappy.

DP: What was going through your mind in the final seconds against Tennessee?

LM: To me, the [desire] to use the down [on the game's final play], rather than to [spike the ball], was certainly where the mistake was made. We substituted [for some of our players], and after we substituted, we didn't have time to [change the call]. The play that was called was certainly going to be a great play. We had time to get the ball snapped. And we did substitute effectively. The burden was then on our opponent to substitute to match us. But the issue was that our quarterback looked at the clock to make sure that the ball was going to be snapped [in time], because he had already called for the [ball]. Obviously, the fumble did not give me reason to enjoy the moment. But at that point in time, there was a call in the back of the end zone based on the [13] players the opponent had put on the field. Obviously, I didn't know that when I crossed the field and found out there was another play. Then we got to run the play that I had wanted to call all along [and scored the winning touchdown].

DP: Had you already shaken hands with Volunteers coach Derek Dooley?

LM: Absolutely.

DP: What did you say to him?

LM: "Great game."

DP: That's it?

LM: That's it.

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