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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
November 15, 2010
Brian Urlacher
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November 15, 2010

Just My Type

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BU: I'd have to bring my pads. That'd be a big pain.

DP: No, we'd do shirts and skins. That's the way we used to play it.

BU: You played back in those days?

DP: Yes, I did, with no face mask, either. And we were allowed to have helmet-to-helmet hits.

BU: Those were the good old days. You could actually play football without having to worry about anything.

Duck Soup

Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, a USC alum, thinks that Oregon's spread offense—which behind quarterback Darron Thomas (above) is averaging 54.7 points per game—would give even NFL defenses fits. "I don't think most NFL teams are equipped to defend that type of offense," Fisher told me. "We can handle the play-pass and the typical offense. When guys start motioning around and you get in that wildcat, I don't think teams at this level are equipped."


Between his team's wins over the Saints and the Patriots, I asked Browns president Mike Holmgren if he ever thought of returning to coaching. "I don't know," he said. "I will tell you, one of the challenges for me is watching the game. I'm in the box with some other guys, and I'm ranting and raving and jumping around. It's new for me.... Now I have no control over anything. That's the challenge. I don't know if that ever leaves you."

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