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Dan Patrick
December 13, 2010
The Interview
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December 13, 2010

Just My Type

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The Interview

Ron Artest


The Lakers' forward, who is 6'7" and 246 pounds, is raffling off his 2010 NBA championship ring for a children's charity at

Dan Patrick: What size is this ring? Do I wear it around my wrist?

Ron Artest: It's a size 11, just in case somebody wins who doesn't have as big a finger as me.

DP: When's the last time you wore it out?

RA: I've never worn it. It's for the fans and for the good cause. I didn't want to spoil it, and I didn't want to get any second doubts, so I haven't worn it.

DP: What kind of money have you raised so far?

RA: Right now we're at about half a million dollars. I was hoping that we could have gotten a little more, but I would have to promote, and that's something I didn't want to do during the season.

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