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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
December 13, 2010
The Interview
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December 13, 2010

Just My Type

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DP: Who's more intimidating, Kobe or Phil Jackson?

RA: They both have their own special thing about them. On the floor Kobe has things that he wants done. He's like Peyton Manning, calling audibles. And then Phil, he wants you to run the triangle. They have different styles.

DP: If I said next year you could catch passes from Kobe or Peyton Manning, who would you take? Is playing in the NFL still a goal?

RA: It's definitely a goal, but not next year. Hopefully one day I'll be able to play. I feel I'm at a point in my life where it's just beginning.

DP: Which team would you want to play for?

RA: I'd play anywhere. I won't say, Hey, I want to play for a certain team or act like I'm something when I'm really nothing. Who's to say I'd make the team?

DP: I'm looking at tight end for you. Is that the position?

RA: I think that's accurate. There's a couple other positions I want to learn or explore. I've been watching a lot of football, watching a lot of tape. I think I have a legitimate shot. I don't know how realistic it is.

DP: They hit hard, Ron.

RA: I understand that. It's like a musician; if you don't make the song, then you'll never know if you can make a song or not.

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