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December 27, 2010
Drew Brees's dedication and unwavering faith have allowed him not only to overcome his own adversity but also to give millions of Gulf Coast residents the greatest gift of all: hope. Brees has inspired many in a multitude of ways and remains a driving force for an entire community as it continues to rebuild.
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December 27, 2010


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Gloucester, Va.

National Treasure

Kudos to Michael Farber for his article on Sidney Crosby's golden goal (Eight Seconds, Dec. 6). I know hockey isn't the biggest sport in the U.S., but up north it's all we really care about. Reading through the drama of those eight seconds allowed me to relive the best moment of my life.

Stefan Wright, Calgary

Love and Marriage

Selena Roberts's article about the wives of pro athletes (POINT AFTER, Dec. 6) not only put unfaithful male athletes on notice but also shone the spotlight on those fans who emulate their every move. The mama's-boy syndrome is dominant in our society and is a result of a growing percentage of men who have abdicated their responsibility as husbands and fathers in favor of narcissistic pleasures. This leads to children being raised without father figures and to fathers who don't know how to care for a wife and family who love and depend on them.

Joe Grote, Cincinnati

If a woman marries a multimillionaire athlete, one with great power and who is constantly in the public eye, does she really expect him to remain faithful when there are thousands of other women out there who are following him?

Drew Mason, Huntsville, Ala.

Roberts's conclusion is completely unrealistic. Instead of telling a professional athlete to react to a vixen by saying, "Back off, I'm married," a better solution would be to urge him to avoid marriage until his playing days are finished and he can focus on his family.

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