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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
December 27, 2010
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December 27, 2010

Just My Type

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CK: There's nobody similar to him. There's not anyone in college football, except for Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor, that matches him sizewise.

DP: Is there anything you can take from last year's Rose Bowl loss to Pryor and Ohio State that can help you against Newton?

CK: No. I appreciate you reminding us about the Rose Bowl. The [Buckeyes] run a different type of offense. Terrelle's runs against us did hurt—keeping himself alive in the passing game and running on third down when it was a drop-back pass—[but] it wasn't really designed runs. With Auburn and Cam there's a lot of designed running plays.

DP: Is there anyone you faced this year you can compare to Auburn defensive lineman Nick Fairley?

CK: Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea. But he's not as tall or explosive. . . . You can't simulate that in practice. That's the tough part. You've got to know where they are schemewise and make sure you account for 'em, but until you see them explode on the first play . . . that will be the adjustment we have to make within the game.

DP: You seem pretty mellow. It's like you're in the library.

CK: We are in the library, because we're studying and preparing. The one thing we talked to our players about it is that we knew how much time we had off when we were named to go to the game. How do we use it wisely? We've won every game we've played this year because of our preparation. Our formula for how we're going to attack this game has to be the same.

DP: Did you think less of Cal for faking injuries?

CK: We ended up taking it as a compliment. [The Pac-10] said there was nothing we could do about it.

DP: If you were facing Oregon, would you fake injuries?

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