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Joyful Sounds On a Silent Night
December 27, 2010
On the 10th of December, a cold Midwest night,
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December 27, 2010

Joyful Sounds On A Silent Night

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You've not seen a crowd be so silent, so meek;

Barely a sound can be heard, save sneakers that squeak.

But when that 10th point is scored, there arises such clatter

That if you're in Odle Arena, your eardrums might shatter.

The fans cheer wildly, on and on without pause

Like they'd seen an in-your-face dunk performed by S. Claus.

Upland, Indiana, is where this custom takes place,

Where Taylor unfailingly revels with grace.

The school warns opponents that the din will grow hearty

So they're cool when the game becomes a loud Christmas party.

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