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Teeing Off
February 21, 2011
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February 21, 2011

Teeing Off

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Golf Pride

New Decade


Sweet Stretch

Cobra's new E9 technology proves that shape matters just as much as size

Most golfers don't hit the ball on the center of the club face on every shot, so it's good news that by manipulating the shape and weighting of a clubhead it's possible to extend and alter the so-called sweet spot—that portion of the face that provides optimal launch conditions. But which shape and orientation provides the most benefit?

Faced with that question, the engineers at Cobra tracked the hit patterns of golfers on 25,000 shots and discovered that most impacts take place within a slightly tilted oblong area around the center of the face. They then designed clubs like the S3 driver (below) with a taller elliptical face that has a sweet spot to match the hit pattern.

Hits charted in tests

Taller oblong face expands sweet spot

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