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March 14, 2011
We all know that Bill Murray is a pro when it comes to performing, but to see his Carl Spackler in action at age 60, knowing that he can still walk for four rounds with the same fervor he had 30 years ago and provide the same comic relief, should be an inspiration to us all.
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March 14, 2011


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The only reason Cleveland ranks third in NBA attendance (POINT AFTER, Feb. 21) is because season-ticket holders were forced to renew their seats before "the Decision." Since we all paid the money, we either show up for the games or give our tickets away. I have been a Cavs season-ticket holder for almost 40 years but will not be renewing next season. Attendance will surely plummet, as few fans will want to pay steep prices to watch a losing team.

Dave Plagman

Rocky River, Ohio

I loved Joe Posnanski's column on the city of Cleveland and its resiliency. No one personifies this more than Joe Tait, the Cavaliers' longtime play-by-play announcer. Although Tait has been battling a host of health problems over the past few months and is set to retire at the end of the season, he has remained true to the home team. I only hope the Cavs get hot down the stretch so he can come back and call a few more wins before he retires.

Michael Lee Swan

El Dorado, Kans.


On behalf of my law firm, SNR Denton US LLP, I am writing in regard to an article on Kansas forward Thomas Robinson (INSIDE COLLEGE BASKETBALL, Feb. 7). In it the author states that the University of Kansas hired SNR Denton to establish a scholarship fund for Robinson's seven-year-old sister, Jayla, after the untimely death of their mother, Lisa. That statement is incorrect. The university did not hire our law firm, nor has it paid us any fees. Rather, we are representing Robinson and his family pro bono.

Kevin Chavous

Washington, D.C.

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